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Video by Derek Harris

"Behind Muted Eyes"


A surreal mind trip that takes a bizarre journey through the subconscious on a quest to find the true self and unlock the secrets within the psyche. This piece incorporates movement, theatre, live music, and spoken word.


Script, Direction, Choreography, and Costume Design: Derek Harris


Performers: Derek Harris, Meegan Hertensteiner, Brendan Behan, Kevin Real


Music: Graham Reynolds, Triolo, Colleen, Sluggabed


Original music and sound by Mark Hertensteiner

Original music and lyrics by Derek Harris



"Project Sleep: Night Terrors; Take 1 & 2" (*number changes with each performance)


This is a work in progress that will eventually be a full evening length piece. Project Sleep is about sleep disorders and how they affect different peoples lives in different ways. This is a multimedia project that incorporates interviews and videos of people who have disorders and their sleeping habits. Movement vocabulary will then be developed based on the video footage.


Choreography: Meegan Hertensteiner


Original Music: Mark Hertensteiner



"Necromantic Prom"


What do you get when you take a dead girl to prom? Probably arrested. But anything goes in the name of art. Comedy and creepy collide in this physical theatre duet about a man, his muse, and his macabre imagination.


Concept and Direction: Derek Harris in collaboration with Meegan Hertensteiner


Performers: Derek Harris and Meegan Hertensteiner



“Wasteland: Journey to a New Home”


This post-apocalptic duet chronicles the journey of two wayward beings searching for a new home amidst perilous opposition and a constantly evolving landscape.


Choreography: Derek Harris


Performers: Derek Harris and Meegan Hertensteiner


Music: Graham Reynolds, A Scanner Darkly Soundtrack



“Companion Experiment”

The companion Experiment is a duet that traces the evolution of a relationship between two strangers who are the unassuming subjects caught within the confines of an undefined experiment. Through the the interactions of the subjects, the experiment calls into question the physical and emotional aspects of dominance and control, partnering and role reversal, lust, love, rage, loss and heartache. The choreography is a fusion of counterbalance partnering, and elements of modern, release, pop and lock, breaking, krumping and stylized Lindy hop. The mood and environment is set by the lighting while the dark tone is further enhanced by gritty beats and eerie electronic music.

Choreography:Derek Harris
Performers: Derek Harris, Meegan Hertensteiner
Music: Fight Club Soundtrack, The Dust Brothers